10 ways mirrors can boost your happiness at work

10 ways mirrors can boost your happiness at work

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10 ways mirrors can boost your happiness at work

Each of us wants to live a good life with a decent career that gives us ample opportunities to demonstrate our skills and perform well without succumbing to work-related stress and anxiety.

A healthy workplace with a cooperative boss and colleagues and the opportunity to balance work and private life is difficult for most people to achieve. However, what if you could improve your professional life by following a few basic decorating principles and attracting some luck?

You may have heard of Vastu Shastra, the 8,000-year-old “science of architecture” believed to have originated between 6000 and 3000 BC. on the Indian subcontinent. Similar in principle to the Chinese concept of feng shui, it essentially focuses on the harmonization of human life with its environment. If you are one of those who yearn to improve your professional life, you can implement some basic Vastu Shastra rules regarding the placement of your mirror in your workplace or at home (if you work from home). Read on to learn how mirrors can help you transform your life.

  • Glass mirrors and displays should always be placed on the north or east walls.
  • Mirrors should not be kept in the kitchen, especially if reflecting the gas stove or hob.
  • Place the mirror at least 4-5 feet off the ground. The mirror should never lean against the wall and always be flat.
  • The frame of the mirror must be made of wood and not metal.
  • Keep them away from your study desk as they can distract from your attention and increase your workload.
  • It is important that you clean your mirror daily so that it always reflects a clean image of you.
  • Set up a mirror opposite a locker if you own a business and have one in your workplace. This is said to attract wealth and double your financial standing. A mirror can also be placed in a locker.
  • In a work environment, place mirrors only in areas where there is a water element, which should only be to the north, northeast, or northwest.
  • If you own a clothing, jewelry or watch store and it has recently expanded, make sure you never attach a mirror to the part from which it expanded. According to Vastu, this leads to injustice and negative energy.
  • You may have noticed that when entering some stores, there are mirrors on both sides. That’s because, according to Vastu, it creates the illusion of a large number of customers, thereby attracting more business.

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