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The automotive market changes rapidly every year, but some trends and the most popular scams used by car dealers remain the same. IT data company carVertical has published an annual report on community statistics for the automotive industry.

2. Most stolen cars: Škoda Octavia

In 2021, thieves continued to steal and unscrupulous sellers continued to offer their cars. The best way to avoid stolen cars is to check their history.

Last year, a company that provided vehicle history reports flagged a car as “stolen” in 672 reports.

This data shows that the most frequently stolen car model was the Škoda Octavia with 38 cars stolen.

According to reports, the Octavia is 3.75 times more likely to be stolen than your neighbor’s BMW 3 Series. This means that Škoda owners need to be extra careful and look after their car.

3. Mileage bias is still widespread: 18.5% of tested cars have incorrect mileage.

According to vehicle history reports produced throughout the year, mileage bias is one of the most common ways in which car buyers are fooled.

Last year, 18.5% of all reports indicated that the odometer reading had been falsified. In sheer numbers it’s 7,112,444,874 km rewound in all tested vehicles.

4. Favorite cars 2021: BMW, Volkswagen and Audi

According to reports, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi are the most popular automakers. Together they make up 13% of all cars tested on the platform.

The BMW 3 Series is particularly popular, accounting for about 5% of all reports on automotive history.

VW Passat and Audi A4 are not far behind BMW, while other manufacturers’ models appear further down the top 15.

Other popular car models on this list are the BMW 5 Series, VW Golf, Audi A6, Škoda Octavia, Mercedes-Benz E Class, Opel Astra, Mercedes-Benz C Class, Ford Focus, Audi A3, BMW X5, Škoda Superb, and BMW 1 series.

5. Among the tested cars, the proportion of older models is BMW

The proportion of older BMW models is higher than that of cars from other manufacturers. 40.38% of BMW cars tested in 2021 were manufactured between 1990 and 2010.

At the same time, it is only 14.56% and 19.97% for VW and Audi.

A manufacturer like Citroën, on the other hand, has an even smaller share of just 10.92%.

It looks worse at BMW if only the latest cars are taken into account. 52.06% of BMW vehicles manufactured after 2010 are damaged.

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