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Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates Defense Ministry said on Monday that its air defenses intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles aimed at Abu Dhabi.

According to the state news agency SHEthe rockets were fired by the Houthi group.

The ministry confirmed that the attack did not claim any casualties.

Remnants of the intercepted missiles fell in separate areas around the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

In addition, the ministry said in a statement that it stands ready to deal with any threats and is taking all necessary precautions to protect the UAE.

She also urged the public to only get their news from official sources in the country.

On January 17, a fire resulted in the explosion of three oil tankers at ICAD 3, Mussafah, near ADNOC’s storage tanks. Investigations revealed that the cause was a drone attack for which the Houthis claimed responsibility. In addition to the oil tankers, which killed three civilians and wounded six others, last week’s drone strike also targeted Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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