The Pokémon satire ‘Palworld’ is serving up cute creatures for dinner in a new trailer

Last summer we (the staff at Engadget, at least) went insane when we announced collective Palworld, a monster catching and fighting game in the style of Pokémon but with weapons. And labor exploitation. Last weekend developer Pocketpair released another trailer and well… it’s no less shocking.

The new trailer puts the weapons right up front, along with several “buddies” that really look like imitations of Pokemon like Ampharos, Umbreon, and Xerneas, among many other familiar faces. The back half of the new trailer also features the factory scene we saw last year as well as some new disturbing images.

If that wasn’t worrying enough, The Steam page is live, and the game description promises that you can “sell them, butcher them for food, give them hard labor, loot, rob, and wreak havoc, but this is entirely up to the players to make adult decisions,” with the added warning: “Just don’t get caught!”

There’s no set release date for the Japanese-developed game yet, but the timing of this latest trailer could be due to that forthcoming release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus for the Switch this week. Palworld promises both open world and multiplayer, two features Pokémon players have been asking for for ages. But time will tell if Palworld will be scratching that itch when it comes out later this year…unless it gets a cease and desist letter first.

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