The original piece in Valmiera premieres I’m Not a Pianist at Emils Darzins / Day – Archyde

The story begins in 1908 when Melancholy waltz Author Emils Darzins is 33 years old. He will live for just under two years – prophesies and warns a fortune teller. Emīls Dārziņš and conductor, singing teacher Pāvuls Jurjāns are good colleagues. Both dream of founding a Latvian opera. The garden composes the opera Pink Days. Unexpectedly, the two like-minded people become irreconcilable opponents. Under Paul’s care, Emil is publicly accused of stealing music. Emil stops composing and destroys some of his listeners’ favorite compositions. What happened? What was the root of the conflict? Stupidity? Envy? Jealousy?

The creative tandem of theater and film director Vara Brasla and playwright and screenwriter Alvis Lapiņš is important not only for the Latvian national cinema, but also for the Valmiera Theater and its audience. Original plays by Alvis Lapins directed by Copper Brasla Atvari (2008), Eldorado (2010), Unfinished Wedding (2017), as well as bright dramas based on the prose works of the Latvian exile author Gunars Janovskis Alone (1993), slag (1994), Ring the bell on the bridge (2009) as The Wanderer’s Prayer (2012) is an important contribution to identifying the most difficult periods in the history of the Latvian nation in the 20th century and the most outstanding cultural figures of that period.

The main theme that both artists have had is Latvia – Latvia that has disappeared, the life that has passed and the pain that has remained. The latest collaboration between Vara Brasla and Alvis Lapins is also based on this motif I’m not a piano player.

Zusammen mit Mārtiņš Meiers und Emils Zilbert, Kārlis Freimanis, Rihards Jakovels, Januss Johansons, Vizma Kalme, Ingus Kniploks, Tālivaldis Lasmanis, Ieva Puķe, Klinta Reinholde, Krišjānis Salmiņš, Diāna Krista Stafeckka oder Elīna Hba

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