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Auto theft, one of the most serious crimes prosecuted by the FBI, is on the rise in the United States. There were a total of 810,400 vehicle thefts nationwidewide in 2020, the most in over a decade.

Auto theft can be either theft or attemptd theft of a vehicle such as a car, truck, ATV, or motorcycle. Some experts attribute the rising rates of vehicle theft to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left vehicles unattended andused for llonger than usual. In addition, vehicle theft is often committed for financial reasons, and the pandemic has skyrocketed unemployment, leaving Ma behindthe ameriStruggling cans financially.

While motorists across the country are now at greater risk of vehicle theft than they have been in many years, car owners in some parts of the country are far more likely to be victims of auto theft than others.

Using data from the FBI’s 2020 Uniform Crime Report, 24/7 Wall St. identified the metro areas in each state where your car is most likely to be stolen. Metropolitan areas are ranked according to the number of reported motor vehicle thefts per 100,000 inhabitants.

It is important to note that there is only one eligible metro area in eight states with available data. In each of these cases that are noted, by default the listed metro area is only ranked as the area with the highest rate of vehicle theft. Two states — Alabama and Pennsylvania — have no qualifying metro areas with available crime data.

Although each of the metro areas on this list has the highest rate of motor vehicle in its respective state, vehicle theft rates in these locations vary widely, from 38 incidents per 100,000 residents to 839 per 100,000. Still, in most of the metro areas on this list, vehicle theft rates exceed the statewide rate as well as the national rate of 246 per 100,000.

Motor vehicle theft is one of three crimes that fall under the property crime category, along with theft and burglary. Due in large part to higher than average vehicle theft rates, the overall property crime rate in most of the metro areas on this list exceeds the comparable national rate. Here’s a look at the 10 most stolen cars in America.

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