NFL Divisional Round Game Recap: Los Angeles Rams 30, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 | NFL News, Rankings and Stats –

The madness of 2021 NFL Divisionsrunde The action continued on Sunday as the Los Angeles Rams defeated the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-27.

The game initially looked like it would be a one-sided win for the Rams, but Tom Brady and the Bucs drew the score late in the game after losing as much as 24 points.

However, there was still enough time for The Rams to reply and head down with a few quick shots to kick a walk-off field goal to claim the win.

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Los Angeles-Rams


Matthew Stafford enjoyed winning the first playoff game of his career so much that he decided to do it again a week later.

The Rams traded the veteran quarterback for games like this, and while the Rams got lost down the middle, big throws from Stafford early and late were a big part of that win.

run back

Not only was Cam Akers unable to put much on the ground — he ran just 48 yards with 24 carries, 44 of which came from contact — he also fumbled the ball twice and helped Tampa Bay live in the maintain game.

Wide Receiver/Tight Ends

Cooper Kupp was the game winner for the Rams, making two big catches on their last drive to put them in field goal position. However, a fumble early in the game was part of the Rams’ meltdown that allowed the game to get as tight as it could possibly be.

run routes goals receptions Yards per distance run
Cooper Blow 41 11 9 4.46
by Jefferson 39 3 2 0,74
Tyler Higbee 39 6 4 1.31
Odell Beckham jr. 38 7 6 1,82
offensive line

The Rams’ pass protection held up well in the first half but was exposed as the game progressed. Joseph Noteboom filled in admirably for Andrew Whitworth in left tackle, losing just a few reps in pass protection.

line of defense

The Rams’ pass rush was the most dominant unit of the game – on both sides of the ball. Von Miller recorded a preposterous 25.0% pressure rate, according to PFF’s initial review of the feature film, and tagged Josh Wells as a backup right tackle on a series of replays.

Aaron Donald has also been a constant concern for the Buccaneers, with the occasional contribution from Leonard Floyd.

Passing snaps Pass Rush win rate Total snapshots
Aaron Donald 57 14,0 % 71
Greg Gaines 55 3,6 % 69
Leonard Floyd 40 17,5 % 63
By Miller 40 27,5 % 54
A’Shawn Robinson 16 6,3 % 25
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo 12 16,7 % 16
Justin Hollins 10 0,0 % fifteen

The Rams deliberately don’t put many resources into the linebacker position, and Troy Reeder and Travin Howard took the snaps this game. Both players were solid and used cover to limit damage. All in all, they only gave a range of 32 yards.


Jalen Ramsey was tasked with taking Mike Evans out of the game, and for a while it worked. His biggest losing representative, however, was a deep touchdown that changed the entire face of the game.

Overall, Ramsey allowed seven catches for 108 yards and that touchdown of 13 goals.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Tom Brady came under regular pressure for the first time in a long time, with a backup right tackle replacing the injured Tristan Wirfs – the best pass-blocking right tackle in the league.

Brady averaged 2.26 seconds from snap to pass, and even his adjusted completion rate was just 67.3%. Still, he managed a comeback only to see his defense give up the big plays for the Rams to recapture in the closing seconds.

run back

Leonard Fournette hit two critical touchdowns on the ground and gained some tough yards, but his 13 carries produced just 51 yards, 33 of which came after contact.

Five of Fournette’s carries went to a first down, and arguably it should have been a bigger part of the game plan early on.

Wide Receiver/Tight Ends

As expected, Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski were Brady’s main targets.

Evans saw 14 goals to lead the team while Gronk saw 10 as the second most on the team. Finding a reliable third option was a challenge, as Scotty Miller caused problems with his speed, at least late in the game, intercepting four of the five passes thrown to him for 38 yards.

run routes goals receptions YPRR
Rob Gronkowski 54 10 4 1.57
Mike Evans 52 14 8 2.27
Scotty Miller 46 5 4 0,83
Tyler Johnson 33 6 3 0,45
Cameron Brate 29 3 1 0,31
offensive line

Josh Wells played in proper tackle with Tristan Wirfs, who couldn’t play, and clearly wasn’t 100% healthy himself.

Wells allowed pressure on 12.2% of dropbacks but wasn’t the only one struggling. Donovan Smith couldn’t handle the Rams’ speed and was actually hit more often than Wells when the assist was used down the right side of the line. Smith allowed pressure on 15.8% of dropbacks and will likely get his worst PFF pass blocking grade of the season.

line of defense

Tampa Bay’s defensive line performed well against the run but struggled to put as much pressure on Stafford as they would have liked.

Tamping the barrel was vital in key moments of the game, providing additional drives on offense. Ndamukong Suh had one of the biggest plays on defense, stealing the ball from Cam Akers and forcing a fumble that recovered Tampa Bay to set up the drive to level the game.


It’s not often that Devin White outplays Lavonte David, but he did for much of the game. White usually has trouble with coverage, but he fell with a nice pass break and only allowed one catch (though for 20 yards). David was targeted far more often — six times — and gave up six catches, three of which moved the chains for a first down.


The Tampa Bay High School had a busy day, making good plays and bad plays throughout the game. They broke coverage early to allow for a big play, then were hung to dry by an aggressive blitz call on the last drive to forfeit another.

Sean Murphy-Bunting was the most aimed member of the group, giving up seven catches from nine targets for 70 yards.

Passing snaps Pass Rush win rate Total snapshots
Shaquil Barett 33 3,00 % 60
Jason Pierre-Paul 32 9,40 % 60
Ndamukong Suh 25 16.00% 47
Vita Vea 21 19,10 % 33
Rakeem Nunez-Roches 16 6,30 % 32
William Gholston 14 7,10 % 21
Steve McLendon 12 0,00 % 17

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