Mayors urge cabinet: ‘One closing time for all sectors’ – Archyde

In general, the mayors are hoping for a little more easing than the OMT advised today. This advice states that catering and other sectors must close at 8 p.m. “We signaled to the minister that it could be a bit broader for us,” says Bruls

Sources told RTL Nieuws today that the Cabinet for Gastronomy and Culture intends to use a closing time of 10 p.m. Should this actually be the case, an important wish of the Security Council would be fulfilled. “I hope that everything can open normally again, but ten o’clock in the evening is an important step,” said Femke Halsema from Amsterdam before the consultation.

flexibility desired

“People are longing for it,” remarked colleague Sharon Dijksma from Utrecht. Along with some other mayors, she anticipates 10 p.m. will remain difficult for some industries. You plead for flexibility. It is easier for a pub to turn off the tap than for a theater to finish an unfinished performance.

“Sectors need to be able to do their jobs as they are. But a football match, for example, usually only lasts a little longer than 10 p.m.,” says Sybrand Buma van Leeuwarden.

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