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Harmony Plant Fare, a New York City-inspired vegan deli, offers a wide variety of plant-based meats and cheeses.

As the vegan U.S. population grows, cities across the country are seeing increasing numbers of plant-based restaurants, and Cincinnati is no different. Many of these restaurants in The Queen City are located near the University of Cincinnati. This extensive list of vegan spots spans a variety of cuisines; Whether students are looking for vegan barbecue or plant-based delicacies, these local restaurants have what they need.

Harmony Plant Fare

Harmony Plant Fare, a New York City-inspired vegan deli, offers a wide variety of plant-based meats and cheeses. The deli at Findlay Market specializes in seitan, a Chinese-origin vegan meat made with high-protein flour, beans and spices that mimics the taste and texture of animal meat. Harmony Plant Fair, which sells its meat and cheese by the pound at the counter, also offers customers an extensive menu of sandwiches, ready meals, dips and desserts, all vegan. Additionally, those looking to prepare their own vegan meal at home can shop at the plant-based food store.

Opening times vary. 1801 race road.

Herban Veganer

Opposite Findlay Market is another vegan place, Herban Veganer. Aiming to “show how tastier and healthier cross-cultural vegan cuisine can be,” according to the restaurant’s website, Herban Vegan serves a diverse menu of vegan dishes inspired by different cuisines, from Mexican-inspired tacos to southern- Platter to a Cajun jambalaya.

Opening times vary. 1809 Elmenstr.

food kitchen

serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, food kitchen provides Over-the-Rhine with one of the most extensive vegan menus in town. Founded by mother-daughter duo Patricia Bittner and Lida Bilokur, Essen Kitchen offers classics like biscuits and gravy, Belgian waffles for breakfast, and hamburgers and chili for lunch. For dinner, customers will find jackfruit barbecues and comfort food platters. In addition to its mission to offer an extensive vegan menu, Essen Kitchen accepts donations to fund its efforts to deliver vegan meals to local lodgings.

Open Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 2pm and 5pm – 9pm 1 Findlay St.

Happy Chick Baker

Northside’s is just an eight-minute drive from the campus Happy chicks Bakery, a local and independent bakery serving only vegan baked goods. The store, which aims to “combine creativity, irresistibility, friendliness and sustainability,” stands ready to bake a variety of plant-based treats. These treats include extravagant bulky treats like personalized birthday cakes, but also smaller treats like cookies and cupcakes that customers can visit and collect. In addition to desserts, Happy Chicks Bakery also offers savory items like quiches and empanadas.

Opening times vary. 4035 Hamilton Ave.

whole bowl

Whole Bowl, a walk-through storefront in the Gaslight District, specializes in Buddha Bowls that can be ordered vegan. In addition to all bowls being vegan upon request, the entire Whole Bowl menu is also nut, gluten and wheat free. Although the store only offers three menu items, the Big Bowl, the Bambino Bowl and the Instatija Bowl, the 11 national locations of the Whole Bowl and its founder Tali Ovadia have been recognized by publications such as The guard and New York Just. Additionally, Whole Bowl’s secret tali sauce allows the restaurant to add a unique twist to its Buddha bowls and has won multiple awards since the early 2000s, according to Whole Bowl’s website.

Open Monday – Saturday, 11am – 9pm 364 Ludlow Ave


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