Jennifer Coolidge Credits Ariana Grande With Reviving Her Career

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in the case of Ariana Grande and Jennifer Coolidge, the pop singer’s vocal imitation may have bestowed more on the actress than just her flowers.

In 2018, Grande was the (unofficial) reigning champion of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Wheel of Musical Impressions honored with Coolidge a pinpoint shot her icon Naturally blond line “I’ll take the dog, dumbass” and allegedly the clip helped get Coolidge’s career back on track.

Coolidge, return to The Tonight Show last weekend to discuss their recent white lotus Success, marking the impression as a turning point during a “dead” moment in her career, telling Fallon, “You should know that it was sort of the start of a lot of cool things that’s happened for me.”

After seeing the print, a friend urged Coolidge to reach out to Grande via the foolproof method of an Instagram DM. Coolidge didn’t expect an answer but was pleased to hear back and soon found himself making his way to Grande’s house for a fitting for the “thanks, continue” Video.

Though she may have had a brief dry spell, Coolidge’s career has spanned a large number of genre-defining cult classics, such as ONE Cinderella story, american cake, Pootie Tang, Best of the Show and of course, Naturally blond, so it’s not surprising that the pop princess wanted to pay tribute to Coolidge, an early media icon, for her Y2K-inspired video.

Grande’s impression may have just stoked the glow of a long-cultivated career that would surely continue to grow, but we love to see Coolidge say a “thank you” to the thanks, continue Star – especially if that means there’s more to come from the duo in the near future.

Photo via Getty/ Paula Lobo/ NBC/ NBCU Photo Bank

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