HP’s new all-in-one PCs include wireless charging stations

HP has announced two new ones All-in-One-PCs (AIO). built for hybrid work. With a suite of video conferencing tools supported by HP Presence, wireless charging stations, and Windows 11 for the first time, HP says the machines are built to help you focus and get things done while you’re out work remotely.

There are two new PCs: The EliteOne 800 G9 and the HP Presence AIO. The HP Presence device is designed specifically for HP Presence. HP announced this line in October 2021, starting with video conferencing systems for meeting rooms. The HP Presence AIO is also designed for meetings, but shifts the functions from the meeting room to the home office.

The device comes with a range of meeting features – dynamic language adaptation, automatic noise reduction, and an integrated webcam that you can upgrade to 4K resolution. The most impressive feature is the Zoom Rooms integration that lets you do this Join a Zoom meeting with a single touch of the touchscreen.

You can also use the whiteboard feature to draw on the touchscreen and mark up documents during meetings. If you don’t have what you need stored locally on the HP Presence AIO, don’t worry – the device lets you share another screen wirelessly and still have access to whiteboard functionality.

If you don’t need the meeting functionality of the HP Presence AIO, the EliteOne 800 G9 is for you. It shares many of the same features, including the optional webcam upgrade, but also has some unique features. For example, the new monitor mode allows you to continue using the PC as a monitor if you want to connect another machine.

You can still connect a laptop to the EliteOne G9 to use it as a secondary display, or just use the AIO on its own. Regardless of how you connect everything, the device will automatically detect when you connect an external PC and switch to the correct mode.

For the specs, both machines are powered by 12th generation Intel processors that meet Intel’s vPro standard and ship with Windows 11. Apart from that, there are two main differences. The HP Presence AIO is equipped with DDR4 memory and Intel’s integrated graphics (either UHD 750 or UHD 730 depending on the processor). The EliteOne 800, on the other hand, comes with DDR5 memory and supports up to a discrete Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti graphics card.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of both models is the optional wireless charging stand. Compared to the previous generation, HP has made the stand smaller and added Qi wireless charging. If you purchase the upgrade, you can throw your phone on the stand to keep it charged while you work.

As with previous HP AIOs, you also have screen options. HP offers a 23.8-inch Full HD screen or a 27-inch 1440p screen for both models. The company says the machines should be available in May, but we have no word on pricing yet.

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