How to switch from Android to iPhone: Check out this complete guide

If you are an Android smartphone user and planning to switch to Apple iPhone, this news might help you. US-based tech giant Apple recently launched a new campaign highlighting how easy it is to switch from Android to iPhone, highlighting the numerous benefits such as superior privacy and security, longevity of software updates, and more.

The campaign was developed in the style of regular users telling the reason for switching and presenting it as memojis. All you have to do is visit this website – The site answers all your questions and doubts that you have in mind.

Why – Are you coming from an Android phone? You’ll see how easy the switch is as soon as you turn on your new iPhone. There’s a walkthrough to get you started and an app that transfers your photos, contacts, and more for you. You can even trade in your old smartphone for credit, Apple said.

Switch to the iOS app

First, download the Move to iOS app on your Android phone. It securely transfers the things that matter most to you – your contacts, messages, photos, videos, email accounts and calendar – from your Android phone to your iPhone.


iPhone was designed from the ground up to protect your privacy. Every iPhone has secure face or fingerprint authentication. Apps need your permission to track your activity across other companies’ apps or websites. Your iMessages and FaceTime video calls are end-to-end encrypted. And it’s all just for starters, the company says.

Also, iOS updates are released regularly to provide new features and security improvements that keep your iPhone up to date. Popular new features like Share Play are also coming to iPhone via software updates.

According to the brand, the latest iPhone models have Ceramic Shield, which is tougher than any smartphone glass. They are also resistant to spills and splashes. And turning on automatic updates allows iPhone to stay current with new features and the latest security features. “The result? The iPhone retains its value longer than other smartphones,” according to the brand.

Additionally, Night mode captures incredible color and detail when shooting in low light. In portrait mode, your subject stands out against a beautifully blurred background. Cinema mode adds a depth of field effect to your videos, just like in Hollywood. And everything happens automatically.

“Chips designed by Apple deliver performance you can’t find in any other smartphone. We’re also designing the operating system to have everything work together as efficiently as possible for excellent battery life,” Apple said.

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