Hospital occupancy due to virus rises by half

The last friday, the governor of Jalisco issued a message in which he stressed that the occupation of hospitals by patients of the new coronavirus stood at 39.8%, but the Radar Jalisco system updated the figure last night and rose to 48 percent.
Given the rise in infections, hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the State multiplied almost five times in the first three weeks of this year. Currently 673 patients are reported in public hospitals, while on January 1 there were only 155.

Three thousand 755 more infections were registered yesterday, another record in the State. The accumulated reached 451 thousand 85 people affected in almost two years of the health contingency in Jalisco. During the last 24 hours, 17 deaths caused by the virus were reported. Since the beginning of the contingency, there have been a total of 17,846 fatalities.

Guadalajara is the municipality with the most deaths (six thousand 013 deaths), continuing Zapopan (two thousand 620) and Tlaquepaque (thousand 284). In the federal platform, Santa MarĂ­a del Oro and Ejutla appear as the only municipalities where there are no registered deaths.

Jalisco the week begins in yellow at the epidemic risk traffic light of the Federal Health Secretariat, after three weeks of constant increase in infections and more than 12 thousand active cases of COVID-19; the State fell back after having remained green since last November.

According to the federal technical report, the number of people affected by the virus increased tenfold at the state level in the first three weeks of the year. At the end of 2021, 1,227 infections were reported, which rose to 12,027 last week. Active cases correspond to people who have presented symptoms in the last 14 days and represent a risk of generating more infections.

According to federal criteria, the Yellow Traffic Light implies that the educational model will continue under the guidelines established by the Ministry of Public Education, which maintains face-to-face classes. The use of the mandatory face mask continues in all closed public spaces. The mask is recommended in open spaces, where there is no possibility of maintaining a healthy distance, and it is mandatory on public transport.



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