Home prices haven’t risen this fast since 1977: 20.4 percent more expensive – Archyde

The fact that the range of houses for sale has shrunk enormously also plays a major role. As a result, house hunters bid against each other and it is very difficult for many people to get hold of another house. This is also evident from the figures on the number of moves, reports Statistics Netherlands. Last month, only 20,559 transactions took place on the housing market. That is almost 22 percent less than in the same month of 2020.

CBS versus NVM

Van Mulligen takes into account that house prices could soon rise even faster in the CBS statistics.

Real estate agency NVM came earlier this month with new quarterly figures even showing a slightly stronger price increase of 20.7 percent. These figures refer to the moment of signing the purchase contract for a house.

Statistics Netherlands only processes the transactions when notaries register them with the land registry. That always happens later. Van Mulligen points out that NVM brokers control a large part, but not all, of the market. The CBS figures could therefore be different.


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