“He’s talking to someone!”

Undisputed protagonist of GF-VIP 6, Alex Belli talks about himself internally and externally Haus. Shocking revelations about the actor CentoVetrine they come, fresh fresh, from tomorrow 5. A few moments ago, from Federica PanicucciIndeed, a paparazzi revealed:

More and more persistent rumors continue to confirm that Alex has his head elsewhere. A good connoisseur a few words. Means what? That is, he is already thinking about something else or someone else. It comes to me from several whistleblowers, including a former Big Brother contestant from last year, with mutual friends. I’m just telling you that he already has his head elsewhere. So to the wise, a few words.

do you date other girls‘ she asked Panikucci. The answer is inevitable:

Definitely. He feels for someone.

In short, but which ones Delia Duran and which one Soleil worries? Once out of Haus and once the woman has joined reality, another woman would have taken over his life. could it be true How will the actor react to this bombshell? Only him in the last few hours end the story with Delia.

And most importantly, how he will react to these shocking revelations Duran Once he discovers everything that happens outside the four walls of Cinecittà?

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