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Bork, Bork, Bork! Bork has returned by unexpected demand and is vacationing in Las Vegas for an Elvis Presley tribute act.

to register Reader Roger was in the audience for one of the last shows in a series of All shaken in den Miracle Mile Shops im Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

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It was also the end of CES, the show served as a reminder not only of the king himself but of the inherent fallibility of using Technology in any publicly accessible environment. While the impersonator on stage might be replaced by people like e.g Suspicious Minds, Microsoft’s best, emerged unintentionally from behind the twists and turns of a man in a jeweled jumpsuit.

“I can’t seem to stand on my own two feet” indeed. And as for “wild as a bug,” well, windows and bugs go together like Elvis Presley and a high-cholesterol diet.

“It made us laugh the whole time,” said Roger, “as they valiantly tried to change the screen resolution/external monitor configuration.”

“We almost wanted to go and help.”

Roger and his friends don’t. You were probably too exhausted from trudging around CES to help rescue another piece of hackneyed tech. They had probably seen enough of it already.

As for the operating system, we reckon the trash can icon will place us firmly in the Windows 7 or Vista era. Old, but not as old as the King’s chants himself. After all, Elvis Presley died in 1977, when Microsoft was barely out of diapers and Windows wasn’t even a wink to Bill Gates.

Unfortunately, this particular run of All shaken is complete (although there are still plenty of places for fans of Presley to get their sideburns and jumpsuits fixed), but we can’t help but be touched by how Windows is doing its best to support the show’s final days.

How come? By being seriously ill. That’s what the king would have wanted. ®


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