COVID in Jalsico: They experience martyrdom due to lack of information on a family member hospitalized for coronavirus in IMSS

Since last Friday morning, Diana’s grandfather, 90 years old, was admitted to the area COVID from clinic 89 of the IMSS, but until Monday morning they had no information on his health status.

To his family they were given a username and password to monitor their health status through the information platform for relatives of patients with COVID-19, implemented by the IMSS to provide data on the conditions of patients without the need for them to stay in the hospital and thus avoid agglomerations and contagion of the virus.

However, it was not until yesterday, Sunday, that they received a notification in the afternoon in which they were required to go to the clinic to sign the authorization to be able to intubate him if necessary.

“When we arrived, the doctor told us why we hadn’t arrived until yesterday, if we had been notified since Saturday that we had to come, it was already delicate. Us yes we came on saturday to ask for information, but the counselors, who are the ones who send the information to the application, had already left, and told us that perhaps that is why they had not notified us, ‘because they were not enough’. The bad thing was that on Saturday there was no no one to give us information and we couldn’t go through with him, that’s why we didn’t know”Diana’s mother said.

The young woman explained that her father was admitted to the clinic due to breathing difficulties, which was apparently part of the aftermath of having been infected by Omicron at the beginning of the year. To rule out that he still had the virus, the doctors applied a PCR test, since the antigen test had been negative.

“We had to wait two days for the results of the PCR that was applied to him and it is time that we have no answer. My grandfather has both vaccines, the day that his reinforcement was due was when we admitted him to the hospital. We are worried, we don’t know how he is, we think he may feel abandoned. We have the pending that it will get worse and that the notifications do not reach us on time with the system they have in this clinic,” Diana said.

To avoid crowds in hospitals, as well as to avoid COVID-19 infections, the IMSS implemented a platform in which, through the Internet, patients are notified about the health of those sick with the coronavirus and when they should go to the hospital. clinic for a matter related to your family member.

Through the “mentors”, staff of the clinics installed in an exclusive information module, is how the doctor sends the information that will be sent to the platform, to which the families enter through a username and password granted by the medical institution once their patient entered to the COVID area.



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