COVID: Faced with a rise in cases, Jalisco expands the number of beds in hospitals

Given the growth in hospitalization by COVID-9, the Government of Jalisco reported today that increased the number of beds enabled in the State.

Hospital occupancy due to virus rises by half

The Jalisco Ministry of Health reported that the number of spaces increased from 1,396 to 1,538. However, the authority did not specify in which hospitals beds were increased.

With this increase in beds, the occupation passed from 48.2% to 43.8% with 673 patients affected by the virus.

The Radar Jalisco system updated the number of hospitalized last night and had risen to 48 percent, but by enabling more beds the occupancy rate decreased.

Given the rise in infections, hospitalizations for the virus multiplied almost five times in the first three weeks of this year.

Nowadays 673 patients reported in public hospitals, while on January 1 there were 155.

Yesterday they registered three thousand 755 infections more, another record in the State.

The accumulated reached 451 thousand 85 people affected in almost two years of the health contingency in Jalisco. What’s more, add up to 17 thousand 846 fatalities in Jalisco.


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