Beijing 2022 eases COVID-19 curbs for games – Archyde

Organizers also began reporting data on positive COVID-19 tests among games-related personnel, with 177 confirmed cases found among 3,115 international arrivals from Jan. 4-23, of which only one was among an athlete, according to Beijing 2022 data or supervisor found released Sunday and Monday.

China’s strict COVID-19 protocols have prompted some team officials to express fears athletes, including those who have recovered from the coronavirus, will be barred from participating.

The changes mean that only participants whose PCR results have a cycle threshold (CT) of less than 35 will be considered positive. Previously, the more sensitive CT of 40 was the threshold for determining the positives, Games medical chief Brian McCloskey said Sunday.

The games are scheduled to take place from February 4-20 in a “closed-loop” bubble that isolates all staff from the general public amid a virtually zero-tolerance COVID-19 policy in China that has resulted in China has almost closed its border to international arrivals.

The final preparations are taking place amid the global surge in the highly infectious Omicron variant coronavirus. Organizers said last week tickets would not be sold to the public.

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