5 reasons to use Fiverr’s Pinterest-like ‘Inspire’ feature

If you’re ever stuck with ideas for the content you want to hire for, Fiverr has just the feature to help you.

Fiverr’s Pinterest-like “Inspire” feature is for inspiration and exploration. Read on to find out how this addition to the Fiverr platform can help you find new ideas and talent for your projects.

What is Fiverr’s Inspire feature?

Fiverr wants you to be inspired by the work freelancers create, so in December 2021 it announced the Inspire feature in a blog entry, it says:

Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the company transforming the way the world works together, announces Inspire, a new experience within the company’s mobile app designed for visual discovery and ideation. Inspire brings the beautiful, eye-catching work of Fiverr freelancers to life, personalizing the viewing experience for each client. It also allows customers to interact with the content by “liking” it in their feed and adding it to a mood board or list in the app for later reference.

Similar to Pinterest, Inspire shows you the work of freelancers to spark ideas in you. You can like the content that catches your eye and save it to a mood board for future reference.

The idea is to help you brainstorm ideas for your projects, get inspiration for everyday life, or find freelancers whose work makes you stand out for future projects.

So you don’t always have to come up with new ideas from scratch. You can use the Inspire content as a starting point instead. This is especially handy on those days when you feel like you’re hitting a wall.

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5 reasons to use Fiverr’s Inspire feature

1. Personalization

When you browse the Inspire feed, Fiverr will show you content that has been carefully curated based on your recent searches, purchases, or anything you’ve expressed an interest in – creating a personalized feed and experience based on what you which you will probably appreciate.


This also makes it easier for you to get inspiration for current or future projects.

2nd discovery

Because Inspire shows you the work of Fiverr freelancers, you can discover new ideas and freelancers you may not have had on your radar and who you could potentially work with on future projects.

The point is to help you find new talent that might be of use to you. Every job is different, so a range of freelancers will help you select the most suitable talent for each job.

3. Interaction

In the past, clients typically interacted with freelancers about projects. Now you can have casual interactions with freelancers by engaging with their work.

The Inspire feed allows you to show your appreciation for the work of freelancers by liking them and saving them to your mood boards.

Additionally, the Inspire feed creates a sense of community by bringing talent and clients together for mutual benefit.

Sometimes browsing a freelancer’s work can spark an idea or interest that can lead to collaborating on a project, rather than a client interacting solely with a freelancer about the mechanics of a project.

5. Exploration

By using native endless exploration, you can find content that matches your usual or sought-after content alongside personalized content. This can also inspire new ideas for current and future projects.

You may also find ideas that may not excite you at first, but are interesting enough to save for future reference when they become relevant to your projects.

Is Fiverr becoming more relevant?

Fiver was strictly a business engagement platform. The addition of the Inspire feed makes the platform more user-friendly, informal and interactive, encouraging both freelancers and clients to log onto the platform more frequently for inspiration and engagement.

Sometimes this can make business relationships feel more meaningful. Inspire will also encourage more conversations about ideas, brainstorming, and collaboration—regardless of specific projects—to foster a greater sense of community between clients and freelancers.

This might just be the factor that makes Fiverr more relevant.

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