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Otomania.com – Yamaha Fazzio presents a variety of advanced features, this is the price difference from the Honda Scoopy.

Yamaha Fazzio Officially released by Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) on Monday (2022-01-17).

The appearance of the Yamaha Fazzio has a retro aura, it’s clear that its presence will challenge the Honda All New Scoopy.

Present yourself as a challenger, Yamaha Fazzio equipped with many features that are not owned by Honda Scoopy.

These include features such as a keyless system, Y-Connect to connect a motorcycle to a smartphone, and hybrid technology in the engine.


Fazzio Neo (above) and Fazzio Lux (below)

Yamaha Fazzio This comes in two variants namely Neo and another is Lux,

The units are sold for Rp. 21,700,000 for the Neo version of the Yamaha Fazzio and Rp. 22,000,000 for the Lux.

At this price, is it about as thin as the difference with the Honda All New Scoopy?

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