West Cork could have two new millionaires after winning locally sold EuroMillions tickets – Archyde

Two West Cork cities could have new millionaires after selling two winning EuroMillions tickets there this week.

The two golden tickets, one in Clonakilty and the other in Dunmanway, won a huge EuroMillions prize for two lucky players.

The National Lottery has confirmed that the three winning tickets from Friday night’s special EuroMillions draw, each worth €1million, were sold in Galway City and, incredibly, in two neighboring West Cork cities, Clonakilty and Dunmanway.

Players who bought their EuroMillions tickets in these areas are urged to check their tickets carefully to ensure they don’t miss out on this life-changing prize of €1 million each.

The EuroMillions raffle draw guaranteed that 100 EuroMillions players from all nine participating countries would each win one of the €1 million raffle prizes. The three winning codes in the EuroMillions raffle, each worth €1 million, are: IMDZ91577, IMFC21006 and IMFF48547.

The National Lottery will announce the exact locations of the life-changing EuroMillions prizes on Monday morning.

A spokesman for the National Lottery said: “We were absolutely delighted to see three of our players in Cork (2) and Galway winning one of the 100 raffle prizes of €1m each in Friday night’s special EuroMillions draw. Even more incredible is seeing two neighboring towns in the scenic area of ​​West Cork to share in the excitement that comes with winning a million euros lottery. Compared to the overall size of the EuroMillions community it’s very exciting to have two of these raffle prizes so close by in a local community like West Cork and we can’t wait to get in touch with local retailers on Sunday night to do the good for them give messages. We are still waiting to hear from all three winners in Galway and Cork so we are reminding players to check their tickets regularly to see if they are one of the Irish National Lottery’s three newest millionaires.”

The National Lottery advised all big EuroMillions winners on Friday night to check their tickets carefully and if you have a winning ticket in your possession, sign it immediately and keep it in a safe place.

To claim their prize, winners are asked to call 1800 666 222 or email [email protected] contact the prize claims team and arrangements will be made for payment of their prize.


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