Vibrations reported in a residential commercial building in Seoul: The DONG-A ILBO – World Today News

Residents of a high-rise commercial apartment building in Seongsu-dong, in Seoul’s Seongdong district, filed complaints about vibrations they felt inside the building. Experts speculate that the vibrations would most likely have been detected due to resonance. Resonance is a phenomenon whereby injuries sustained outside a building coincide with the frequency of the building’s own vibration to magnify the magnitude of the vibration.

According to the Seongdong Fire Department on Sunday, a vertical vibration complaint from Acro Seoul Forest, a commercial residential building complex in Seongsu-dong, was filed with the fire station around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. The complaint was mainly filed by residents on the 4th, 17th and 27th floors.

Firefighters and disaster response officers mobilized to the scene checked earthquake detection equipment at the disaster response center in the basement, but found no violations. The builder of the building, DL E&C, also conducted an emergency safety inspection on Friday but concluded it had nothing to do with the building’s structural problem or safety.

Experts believe the shaking was most likely caused by resonances inside the building. “It was confirmed that the tremor was not affected by external factors such as earthquakes, winds, outdoor works and blasting,” said Park Hong-geun, a professor of civil engineering at Seoul National University, who participated in an emergency safety inspection. “Group dances or warm-ups by performers from an entertainer management company may have been the cause.”

The building has 33 floors and seven basement floors, and an entertainer management company occupies floors six through 19, with four of those floors being used as dance training halls. “As the building vibrated, the window glass shattered and the floor surface became bumpy,” said a 24-year-old employee at the company.

Experts believe the latest tremor in the building was similar to the “resonance” that rocked the Techno Mart building in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, in 2011. Experts concluded when the quake struck, 23 people at a fitness center in the 12 tandem 2.7 times per second to perform taebo dance.

“We have meters installed on a few floors and are constantly monitoring to determine the exact cause of the vibration,” DL told E&C.

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