Up from 1,739, Covid-19 cases in DKI Jakarta are now 879,307 – Archyde

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Provinzregierung (Pemprov) DKI Jakarta until Sunday (January 23, 2022) cases recorded Covid-19 increased by 1,739.

Dwi Oktavia, head of the Department of Disease Prevention and Control, DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Agency, said up to 1,460, or around 84 percent, were local transmissions.

“The new positive cases, based on the results of today’s PCR test, increased by 1,739 people for a total of 879,307 cases,” Dwi said in a written statement on Sunday (1/23/2022).

Dwi also appealed to the public to be aware of the transmission of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, which is now also increasing in Jakarta.

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1,313 people were recorded infected with the Omicron variant, of which 854 people were international travelers while the other 459 were local transmissions.

Meanwhile, 856,653 people have been declared cured, or 97.4 percent.

Meanwhile, up to 13,597 people died from Covid-19 with a fatality rate of 1.5 percent, while Indonesia’s fatality rate was 3.4 percent.

The positivity rate, or percentage of positive cases in the past week in Jakarta, was 6.6 percent, while the percentage of positive cases overall was 10.8 percent.

“The WHO also sets the standard for the percentage of positive cases of no more than 5 percent,” Dwi said.

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