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The auto sector is in a black crisis and stimulus is coming from the government.

Perhaps the automotive industry had never experienced a crisis as severe as the current one. First came the Covid, then came the microchip crisis, which made the production of cars almost impossible, and finally the price increases for all components. Car manufacturing has become increasingly difficult, expensive and cumbersome, and registrations have plummeted. The branch laments really high losses and also laments the indifference of the institutions towards the severe suffering of this important branch. But now the turning point can come. Actually, the turning point could have come at the end of 2021 and the government was actually thinking about extending the eco bonus, but then everything was gone. The big bills came in and it was another blow to the auto industry.

Here’s an important plan

On the one hand, the production of cars has become even more expensive, on the other hand, the government had to withdraw funds from the planned extension of the eco-bonus in order to postpone them to the billing crisis. But now there is a new possibility. Authoritative sources say the government could soon launch a 450 million plan. Let’s see what it’s about. This €450 million plan would focus on returning the eco-bonus for electric cars. Therefore, the government would aim to encourage the green transition to eco-friendly cars again. But the main purpose is to support the industry and consequently this budget would be used both to support the return of the eco-bonus and to implement broader measures that can affect all types of cars. But what are the times for this plan?

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There are currently no specific times, but the government does not want the auto crisis to escalate.

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The problem, as always, is budget, as years of house bonuses have severely limited the executive’s agility.

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