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POPULAR: Snapchat has become popular among young people. This fall, the New York Times reported that Insta was afraid of losing young users.

Among other things, the app has been updated with new options for chatting. On Twitter, users are asking when it will be possible to change usernames.

On Friday, the company announces that it has introduced new features in the app.

in one Twitter message Snapchat writes that users can now reply to messages with Bitmoji, conduct polls via “Stickers” and reply directly to a message in the chat.

The company starts the Twitter message with the new features that improve the Friday of the week, but several on Twitter disagree.

want to change names

– When can we change usernames asks a Twitter user.

During Snapchat’s Twitter message, several users express that some of the new features have been known for a while and that they would like to be able to change the username they chose when creating a Snap account.

– We just want it to be possible to change our usernames by writing below the message.

Snapchat responds that they are always working to improve the user experience on the app and that some features change over time. They also report that Android and iPhone features are coming at different times

Last summer, the company removed the Snapchat filter that shows how fast you’re moving from the app, To the delight of Young in Traffic.

The company fulfills the great wish of the comment field to allow the username to be changed:

– We will share the feedback with our team.

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