Residents get a car in their yard for the seventeenth time | 1Limburg – Post world

According to local residents, this is the 17th time they have seen a car land in their yard.

The accident happened around 5:50 a.m. on Veulenseweg. The vehicle was driving in the direction of Leunen when it was just before the intersection with Horsterweg. The car missed the curve at high speed and crashed into the garden shed. The two occupants were checked but not injured.

17 times
According to the residents of the house where the car landed in the garden, this is the 17th time a car has entered their garden, the local correspondent reports. The local residents are therefore very concerned. According to your information, there are still emergency fences from the previous accident.

street layout
According to the correspondent, local residents and local residents are disappointed in the community. They want to improve the road layout as quickly as possible.

A salvor towed the car.

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