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Nicholas Sparks is a popular author best known for his romance novels, many of which have been made into films. Many of these films are adored by many fans of all generations and fell in love with the actors who played both the leading and supporting roles.

What some people don’t know is that many of these actors who are well known and have great careers got their big breaks while starring in a Nicholas Sparks film. Today we break down a list of actors who got their breakout roles in his movies.

6 The notebook: Ryan Gosling

At the top of the list is Nicholas Spark’s greatest romance film to date. Ryan Gosling got his big break playing Noah in the 2004 film The notebook Starring alongside Rachel McAdams.

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After the success of The notebook, Ryan starred in the 2011 comedy crazy stupid love. He also landed another leading role in 2016 La La Land with co-star Emma Stone.

5 Message in a bottle: Hayden Panettiere

Second on the list is Hayden Panettiere, who may have played the little girl on the sinking boat in the 1999 film message in a bottle but since then she has starred in many more movies and TV shows. She played one of the main characters Britney Allen in the 2006 comedy Bring it on: all or nothing. Hayden also got a starring role in the 2009 teen romantic comedy, nicknamed Beth Cooper i love you beth cooper

As for TV, you would have seen Hayden guest star in 4 episodes of the sitcom Malcom mittendrin play the role of Jessica. She had another starring role as Juliette Barnes, a “bubblegum country pop singer” in the hit musical soap opera series Nashville.

4 The lucky one: Taylor Schilling

Next on the list we have Taylor Schilling. Taylor Schilling was cast as Beth Green in the 2012 film The lucky guy starring Zac Efron. Since the film, Taylor has been cast as one of the main characters, Piper Chapman, on the popular Netflix Comedy Series Orange is the new black from 2013-2019. She also played the lead character Kate Stone in the 2018 comedy Family.

3 A Walk to Remember: Mandy Moore, Shane West & Clayne Crawford

Next up are Mandy Moore, Shane West and Clayne Crawford, all of whom had their breakthrough role in the 2002 film A walk to remember. Mandy Moore starred as Jamie Sullivan, whose love interest was Landon Carter, played by Shane West. Clayne Crawford played Dean, Landon’s best friend until Landon decides to end their friendship because he is a bully to Landon and his girlfriend Jamie.

Mandy Moore has had tremendous success since starring An unforgettable walk both as an actress and as a singer. She has released four albums since starring A walk to remember (except for the two she released before the film). Mandy has also guest-starred on several television shows; including the sitcom How I met your mother, medical drama Greys Anatomy, as well as animated shows The Simpsons and Family Guy. She also spoke to Rapunzel 2010 Disney animated film clears up.

Ever since I played heartthrob Landon Carter A walk to remember, Shane West has acted in other films like the 2017 crime thriller Awakening of the Zodiac and the 2019 drama Delicate wrinkles. He will also be cast in upcoming films Escape the field and the chariot, what is being filmed. Shane also appeared on the TV screens playing the main character Dr. Ray Barnett in the medical drama IS and guest star in the crime drama, Gotham.

On to Clayne Crawford since he plays bad boy Dean An unforgettable walk He has acted in quite a few movies and TV shows. Clayne is best known for playing Martin Riggs Fox’ Action-Comedy-Fernsehsendung Deadly Weapon, a show based on the films of the same name. He also starred in the 2020 American drama film The murder of two lovers.

2 Dear John: DJ Cotrona

On to the movie Dear John, DJ Cotrona may not have starred in the film, he played the role of Noodles, one of Savannah’s (played by Amanda Seyfried) college friends who tried to save Savannah’s bag before John (Channing Tatum) stepped in as the lead lady Dear John, DJ left to play bigger roles, such as the role of superhero Pedro Shazam! In 2013 he got back together with his Dear John Co-star Channing Tatum in military sci-fi G.I. Joe – Billing. He also played the role of Seth Gecko in the horror television series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He also had a recurring role in the action crime series LA’s finest until it was canceled after two seasons.

1 The Last Song: Liam Hemsworth

The last person on the list is Liam Hemsworth’s breakout role in the film The last song In 2010 he starred alongside his girlfriend in Miley Cyrus. After that The last song, Liam Hemsworth quickly landed another starring role in The hunger Games Trilogy with Gale Hawthrone.

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Liam Hemsworth also starred in the American science fiction film Independence Day: Resurgence in 2016. Before another starring role in the 2019 romantic comedy Isn’t it romantic Play Billionaire Blake. In 2021, Liam Hemsworth got the lead role as Dodge Maynard in the action television series most dangerous game, which was recently renewed for a second two on the Roku channel.

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