Network riddle: How does a motor work?

KI recently had the first engine failure of my life to complain about. Diagnosis: connecting rod bearing damage. Faced with the dizzying estimate from the workshop (what on earth is a connecting rod bearing anyway?), I started researching on the internet how this damage had come about and what the chances were of getting the car running again at the asking price.

At this point, for better or for worse, I had to deal very carefully with how a car engine works. That’s when I came across the website, which uses animated graphics to explain in an easy-to-understand manner how a variety of common and less common engine types work. A total of 21 different engines are presented, from steam-powered locomotive engines to two- and four-stroke engines and Wankel engines to aircraft turbines. Simply click on one of the colorful thumbnails and you will see an animated graphic showing the different phases of engine operation. The individual phases are explained in more detail below.

At the bottom of the website you will find more information, including a bibliography and an explanation of how the animated graphics were created. By the way, the operator of this website has under another extensive animated compendium on related technologies such as gears, pulleys and transmissions – a treasure trove for all friends of classical technical mechanics. I left the connecting rod bearing damage to the mechanic after all.

Now our riddle: Which type of clutch used in vehicle construction is mainly based on centrifugal force? Please send your solution proposal to [email protected]

The closing date for entries is January 26, 2022, 9 p.m. The solution word from last week’s puzzle is “Steinhuder Meer”, the winner was notified in writing.

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