Meat Loaf has died at 74 – Archyde

Hartlepool FC pays tribute (continued…)

In an interview with Setanta Sports News, the singer said he was drawn to Hartlepool by the town’s ape legend.

He said: “I was at Soccer AM and they said ‘do you have a team you support, Manchester United, Liverpool?’ and I said ‘this is boring!’.

“It’s like a celebrity to go ahead and say ‘oh I’m a Liverpool fan, I support whoever’, the teams that have always been at the top.

“So I started looking and I went into the second division, no, no, and I went into the third division and I said, ‘There’s a cool name, Hartlepool, in the third division’.

“I found out a long time ago the city said a monkey washed ashore and the whole city thought it was a French guy and they hung him and I said, ‘That’s perfect.’

“Then I started researching all the players from Hartlepool. When I came to Soccer AM I knew all the players, I knew the last game, I knew who the big scorers were, I knew who the coach was. “

As a tribute to him, Hartlepool played a string of Meat Loaf hits including Paradise By The Dashboard Light before their home game against Stevenage.

The team ran to Bat Out of Hell.

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