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The telescope was launched on December 25 from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. On January 8, he finished his decomposition in space and calmly continued his journey to the goal. Upon reaching its destination, it is at Lagrange point II, abbreviated as L2.

course correction

As informed In NASA’s Jan. 24 blog, engineers plan to adjust the course of the James Webb Space Telescope to place it in the desired orbit, nearly 1 million miles from Earth.

According to the scientists working on the project, L2 is the perfect location for an observatory. At this point, the Sun and Earth (as well as the Moon) are always on one side of space, allowing the telescope to continually shadow the telescope’s optics and instruments. This allows them to cool down due to the infrared sensitivity, but still have access to nearly half the sky for observation at all times.

This way, if you stop at L2, you can see every point in the sky over time. Even if not immediately, it is enough to wait a few months to travel further around the sun and see more of the sky that was previously “behind” the sun.

Only advantages

However, the advantages of the determined Lagrange point II do not end there. L2 is the site of gravitational equilibrium, so the telescope can easily maintain its orbit there. For the telescope itself, it’s easier, simpler, and more efficient to orbit L2 than it is to be right on point.

Also, by orbiting a location rather than being right there, the telescope will never cause the Earth to eclipse the Sun, which is necessary for Webb’s thermal stability and power generation.

Conference with NASA

On Monday, January 24, scientists and engineers at the James Webb Space Telescope will answer questions about the mission’s latest milestones. The broadcast on the NASA Science Live website will begin at 9:00 p.m. ET, followed by a media briefing at 4:00 p.m.

It will be streamed live on the web on the NASA Science Live website, as well as on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Audio from the conference call will be streamed live on the agency’s website.


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