For the second day in a row, a record number of Covid-19 cases were reported in Russia – Archyde

A record number of new cases of Covid-19 were registered in Russia for the second straight day, with 57,212 new infections detected on Saturday and 49,513 the previous day, according to the Covid-19 Crisis Operations Headquarters.

681 people died in the country during the day from coronavirus disease.

The highest number of infections registered during the day was also registered in Moscow – 16 094. In the Russian capital the disease has claimed 69 lives.

President Vladimir Putin recently warned that the country must be prepared for a new wave of disease caused by an omicron of the virus, urging people to step up testing and vaccinations.

In today’s data structure, the delta type still has the largest share.

Although a number of vaccines developed in Russia have been freely available in the country for months, the general public is still skeptical and only about half of the population has completed the vaccination course.

According to the Russian government, since the pandemic began in the country, a total of 11,044,986 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus and the death toll has reached 325,433, measuring disease deaths by broader criteria.

According to statistics from the AFP news agency, Russia ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of Covid 19 victims after the USA, Brazil and India.

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