Fantastic Ledecka! The Czech skier took third place at the World Cup meeting in Cortina d’Ampezzo – Archyde

The race was run from the bottom start due to strong winds and downhill queen Goggia was the only one to finish under a minute and seven seconds despite some problems on the track. Second went to Ramona Siebenhoferová from Austria, who overtook Ledecká by just six hundredths.

Ledecká, who will defend a sensational Olympic victory in the super giant slalom in Beijing and also gold on the snowboard, is in the top three in the downhill for the sixth and fourth time at the World Ski Championships. The last time she finished second was a day ago at Crans Montana downhill. “I don’t even know if that’s exactly how it came out, but of course I like the steps,” she said in a media clip.

The race started with a shortened start due to the wind and was half a minute shorter than in training. Ledecká started up to the seventeenth and handled the distance superbly. She tapered off well after the start, kept an almost ideal track and didn’t let herself be thrown out of position by the sometimes bumpy ground.

Photo: Alessandro Trovati, CTK / AP

Esther Ledecka was just 26 hundredths of a second away from first place.Photo: Alessandro Trovati, CTK/AP

“Actually, I was thinking all the time about how bad I am and making a lot of mistakes. But down below I finally managed to get the line we planned with Franz (Gamper) and Tomas (Bank) so I “I’m happy and I hope they will too, at least from this last pass” said Ledecka.

While Ledecká’s descent seemed predatory but calm, Goggia had earned her reputation and was on the brink of risk. A strong gust of wind blew upstairs and she went blind in the snow. Then the Italian, who fell a week ago on the Zauchensee downhill run and landed in the nets, almost went off the course and had to correct her ride to finish, but was still the fastest on one ski.

“It was a wild ride and a great race. I am happy. Today is the best day of my career,” said Goggia after her seventeenth victory, but only at home.

So far, Ledecká has done best at the World Ski Championships in Cortina, where she celebrated five triumphs on the snowboard on the opposite side of the valley, in eighth place in 2019.

The super giant slalom can be seen in Cortina on Sunday and it is possible that it will be Ledecká’s last start before the Olympics. Although the World Cup resumes next week with a downhill and a Super-G in the German resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the Czech skier could miss those races.

World Cup results in downhill skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo
Women – Departure
1. Goggiaová (It.) 1:06,98
2. Siebenhoferova (Rak.) -0.20
3. Ledecka (CZE) -0.26
4. C. Suterová (Switzerland) -0.33
5. Puchner (AUT) -0,37
6. Gisin (Switzerland) -0.44
7. Reisinger (AUT) -0.57
8. Mowinckelová (Nor.) -0,59
9. Gut-Behrami (Switzerland) -0.68
10. Weidle (DE) -0,81.
Running order (after 5 of 9 races)
1. Goggiaová (It.) 400 v.
2. Siebenhoferova (Rak.) 264
3. Johnsonova (USA) 240
4. C. Suterová (Switzerland) 231
5. Puchnerova (AUT) 211
6. Nadia Delag (Switzerland) 173,…
9. Ledecka (CZE) 123
SP rating (after 23 of 37 races)
1. Shiffrinova (USA) 966
2. Vlhová (SR) 929
3. Goggiaová (It.) 769
4. Hector (SWE) 582
5. Brignoneova (It.) 559
6. Siebenhoferova (Rak.) 517,…
31. Ledecká (Czech Republic) 172
48. Dubovska (CZE) 108

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