Celebrities who love the opportunity to play alongside LPGA’s Finest | LPGA – Post World

It’s not just the LPGA Tour members who are wide-eyed at their unusual playing partners this week. The celebrities who compete in the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions also relish the opportunity to play alongside the world’s top female golfers.

Derek Lowe, a 2004 World Series winner with the Boston Red Sox, often attends LPGA Tour events in his native Michigan. He has spent the last three rounds playing with Nelly Korda and had LPGA Tour legend Annika Sorenstam as a third player on Saturday. “I don’t think people understand how good they are until you get on the ropes and see the quality of the shots,” he said. “I was very fortunate to play with Nelly Korda for three days. She probably passed me 90% of the time. You don’t understand the talent. Watching Annika today is just a true honor to play and people have to come to see her play because she’s extremely talented and amazing.”

Wells Adams, a regular cast member of the Bachelor franchise, plays with a handicap of 3 and knows his way around the golf course. He admired Ariya Jutanugarn’s balanced game and was eager to learn from her performance. “This girl is so amazing and she doesn’t wear a driver. She just hits 3-wood. I hit the ball pretty far. She outbid me with a 3-wood on almost every hole. That was a nice Wells, come back to earth; They’re not very good at this game,” Adams said. “But what sets these women apart is how accurate they are at long range. That’s the difference between the weekend warriors and these guys, they can hit 6 and 5 irons at 5 feet. Seeing this is just crazy. It’s so much fun to witness.”


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