Appeared at the post office with a body – Archyde

Employees at a post office in the Irish town of Carlow witnessed an unusual incident on Friday.

A man entered the post office to retrieve another man’s pension. When the employees announced that the pensioner had to be present in order to be able to pay the money, the man left the post office.

Shortly after, he reappeared with another man – and a body.

– Bizarre Location

The two men are said to have “carried” the deceased to the post office.

However, the men were again denied the money. They then allegedly fled the scene and reportedly left the body at the post office The guard.

– The employees are shocked by the incident. It is a bizarre and disturbing situation, Councilor Fergal Byrne said in a statement.

Carlow Mayor Ken Murnane also called the incident shocking.

– I stop by there all the time. It’s a very busy post office where normally there would be a line out the door. I was completely shocked when I heard what had happened. I can’t believe someone did something like this. It’s like a movie, he says, according to the broadcaster.


A Post employee raised the alarm about the incident after suspecting something was wrong.

The police have now started the investigation and will clarify the circumstances of the death of the pensioner.

An autopsy will be carried out, the results of which will be decisive for further investigations, said a spokesman for the Irish police Garda.

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