Actress Janina Traczykna has passed away. She was 91 years old – Archyde

“Janka Traczykna has died, unforgettable Michasia from »Nights and Days«. Dear Janko, you didn’t leave. You just changed your place of residence. And your brilliant role in our film secured your immortality with your last breath… In love. Best regards, Jadzia and Jurek ”- wrote the director of ” Nights and Days ” Jerzy Antczak on his Facebook page.

Janina Traczykna was born on May 16, 1930 in Włodawa on the Bug River. In the years 1955-92 she was an actress of the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw, before her debut – in Szczecin.

She appeared in films such as: People from the train, Jack of Spades, Noce i dnie, Brunet in the Evening, Dzień światra and We are all Christs or in the first Series of Polish television “Barbara i Jan” from 1965 together with Jan Kobuszewski.

Foto: INPLUS / East News

Jan Kobuszewski and Janina Traczykana in the series “Barbara i Jan”

According to, run by the Lodz Film School, Traczykana graduated from the acting department of the Warsaw State Drama School in 1953 and made his theatrical debut in November of the same year. In 1960 she received the ZASP-u im acting award. Stefan Jaracz. She was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit and the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. In 2015 she received the special prize of the 1st Festival of Polish TV Series in Elbląg.

In 2003 she was nominated for the Polish Eagle Film Award in the category “Female Supporting Role” for her performance in Marek Koterski’s “Day of the Crazy”.

“She was a great and beautiful man”

In an interview with PAP, actress Barbara Horawianka recalled that Traczykna “wanted to live again, enjoyed every green leaf that looked at her in the springtime.” – I should go first, that was the deal. What she feared most happened to her – said the actress.

– She was a wonderful, wonderful and most beautiful person I have ever known. She is a man of infinite kindness, but also shy and tall at the same time, she emphasized. – We have had a great friendship since we met, i.e. since my arrival in Warsaw in 1963.

– I was 12 years in a theater with Traczyki – in the Dramatyczny Theater in Warsaw – she recalled. – We worked together in just one piece these 12 years, we always passed each other somewhere – she added. Horawianka explained it was a play about Emilia Plater.

The actress also said: “Even though we hadn’t seen each other since the pandemic started because we couldn’t get together, we’ve been on the phone every day, at least twice a day.” – What else can you say when you lose such a friend? I’m sure we’ll meet up soon. It’s a big rush – said Barbara Horawianka.

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