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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) commented on issues that have arisen between customers and Prudential Indonesia’s management. In its statement, OJK called on the two pages can search Way out and open to a profitable business.

Sprecher der OJK Sekar Putih Djarot said OJK hopes not there are parties that enforce their will when solving problems at Prudential Indonesia. Sekar said that OJK facilitated mediation between the parties to the dispute.

“The OJK made mediation possible so that the disputing parties could find a solution, a way out. In this process, it is hoped that both parties will be open, not forcing each other, but seeking an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Win-win,” Sekar told CNBC Indonesia, Quoted Saturday (22/1/2022).

According to Sekar, if the mediation fails to reach an agreement, the option to resolve the issue through the Financial Services Sector Dispute Institution (LAPS) can be carried out by Prudential Indonesia’s management and customers. In addition, problem solving can also be done through the courts if not completed at LAPS level.

The problem between Prudential’s customers and the insurance company’s management arose after several people stay in the office Regulatory im Sudirman-Gebiet, Süd-Jakarta. You have performed this action claim unfulfilled rights, and demands Refunds paid for unit-linked life insurance products.

Citing detikcom, Insurance Victims Coordinator Maria Trihartanti explained that these customers participate in a unit-linked life insurance program, namely Death Coverage with Investment Benefits. At the beginning, the agent promised that after 10 years of premium payment, customers would get a 100% refund plus protection for 99 years.

It’s not a win though, it’s a stun. In the 10th year, the customer only gets a 30% refund and still has to pay lifetime premiums. from this event, customers are estimated to have suffered losses of Rs 5-6 crore.

administration Regulatory already said in his statement Referral to customer groups/former customers either directly or through OJK. hSo far no agreement has been reached from mediation, and groups of customers/former customers rejected Prudential’s mediation proposal SJK ROUNDS.

“Prudential has conducted the process of handling customer complaints in accordance with applicable regulations, including making direct and transparent statements to the party, either verbally or in writing, regarding complaints or claims for insurance benefits from Prudential’s insurance products,” management wrote in an official statement. last time.

This insurance too Encourage customers and former customers to express their desires directly and correctly channel officially.

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