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A Toronto Police Superintendent is facing multiple charges under the Police Services Act amid an investigation into alleged impropriety during a recent promotion trial.

Global News previously spoke to multiple sources who said the Toronto Police Service is investigating a senior officer who allegedly leaked answers to colleagues trying to get a promotion.

A Toronto Police spokesman confirmed that an investigation was underway into “allegations of inappropriateness in a recent solicitation proceeding.”

At the time, sources told Global News that Supt. Stacy Clark was the officer being investigated.

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A senior Toronto police officer is under investigation for alleged inappropriateness in the promotion process

On Friday, TPS spokeswoman Meaghan Gray said Clarke faces seven charges under the Police Services Act, including breach of trust, discrediting conduct and disobedience.

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Gray said the details of the allegations would be released after Clarke made her first appearance before the Toronto Police Tribunal, tentatively scheduled for Monday morning.

“While the Police Services Act prevents us from commenting further, we can also state that it is the chief’s intention to bring in an outside prosecutor and judge on this matter,” Gray added.

The Toronto Police Tribunal is a quasi-judicial forum that adjudicates allegations of serious violations of the Police Services Act against officers.

Just last year, Clarke was promoted to superintendent, becoming one of only two black female police superintendents in Canada.

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2:09Toronto’s 1st Black Police Commissioner reflects on her journey

Toronto’s 1st Black Female Police Commissioner Reflects on Her Journey – February 12, 2021

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