The Pokémon Company Targets YouTube Videos of Fan-Created ‘Pokémon FPS’

Earlier this week, a YouTuber and programmer named dragon shared a new Pokémon project they had been working on. It’s a Pokémon first-person shooter (Yes really) powered by Unreal Engine, and in it you have to shoot pocket monsters instead of catching them.

Many were already wondering how long it would take for legal ninjas to emerge, and it has now been discovered that the YouTube videos of this game (uploaded by the creator) were copyrighted by The Pokémon Company International.

The creator previously mentioned that the project is still in development, and while work on it is believed to be ongoing, there seems to be some difficulties with uploading videos to YouTube from now on. Saying this, you can still find video footage elsewhere online. Dragon also believes that Nintendo Hitman would strike quickly if the game were ever released to the public.

If you feel like shooting some mon, you can always try the photo game, New Pokemon Snap. There’s also the creature shooter, Palworld – heading to Steam this year. Are you surprised that TPC is taking action against these videos? Leave a comment below.

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