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The difference between sunscreen and sunscreen may not be widely known. Both are often attributed the same function, namely to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. Only the terms are different.

However, both have very different functions. To distinguish them, we must first know the function of each of the two lotions.

Summarizing from different sources, although sunscreen and sun block perform almost the same function, they actually have differences in the way they protect the skin.

Of course, for those of us who live in Indonesia as a tropical country, we get plenty of sunlight every day. Therefore, we have to be careful when it comes to skin care.

One thing we must use for daily skin care is sunscreen. This lotion acts as a protective layer, which is very important for the skin to avoid the adverse effects of sun exposure.

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To learn more details about the differences between the two skincare lotions, just check out the reviews below.

What is the difference between sunscreen and sunscreen?


Normally, this type of sunscreen is widely used to protect the skin from sun exposure. Because this one lotion is able to filter UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun.

Sunscreen can also block more sunlight. Only a little sunlight penetrates. So the process tends to make this type of lotion more chemical.

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Then what is the difference between sunscreen and sunscreen? Sunblock itself serves both to reflect and prevent sunlight from penetrating the skin.

So you can say that this sunscreen is a sunscreen, but it is more physical. Because usually sunscreen has a thinner content than sunblock.

Some people are allergic to the ingredients in common sunscreens. Therefore, we are safer when we use sunscreen.

The difference between sunscreen and sunscreen is actually not that big. Both are lotions designed to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays.

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Pay attention to the SPF number

The most important thing for you is when you choose it. Before buying, you must first check whether the lotion you want to use already has UVA, UVB protection or not.

In addition, you also need to make sure that the sun protection factor in the lotion is high enough, which is over 30 and waterproof.

Also, make sure to use it every day to maintain healthy and youthful skin. The reason for this is that sunscreens are important to prevent the negative effects of sun exposure.

This is the difference between sunscreen and sunscreen. Now don’t make the wrong choice again. Adjust what you need to take care of the skin to keep it healthy. (R3/HR-Online/Editor-Eva)

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