North Carolina dog shovels snow after winter storm

Man’s best friend became an even better friend when he “helped” dig out a winter storm that blanketed parts of North Carolina.

Suzanne Ward’s video showed a two-year-old yellow Labrador named Bear shoveling snow in Raleigh on Saturday morning.

The National Weather Service’s initial snowfall reports showed parts of the state were receiving more than four inches of snow.

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Laut FOX Weather, a winter storm that spread across the Southeast and southern Mid-Atlantic with snow and ice, causing travel headaches from Georgia to Southeast Virginia earlier in the weekend.

Coastal Carolinas faced a significant ice threat, including power outages and tree damage, as freezing rain spread across the region on Saturday. The NWS said the expected amounts of ice were “unprecedented in recent history” for some areas.

The NWS had issued ice storm warnings, winter storm warnings and winter weather warnings from the central and eastern Carolinas to southeastern Virginia and the southern Delmarva Peninsula ahead of winter weather.

Snow and ice are expected to ease in the southeast Saturday by late morning as the low-pressure system slides away from the east coast.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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