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A lot of people would be amazed at how easy it is to repeat a basic 5 word phrase probably once a month and smile to the bank every time. This is the curious case of Michael Buffer, who is perhaps the most recognizable voice in the world of boxing and the sport at large. The legendary ring announcer made it his “Here we go” synonymous with the beginning of really great sporting moments and the right contact to bring excitement into every sporting era.

That’s not the fun part. The most amazing thing is that by saying these 5 words he has built an astounding $400 million fortune. He is estimated to have made an average of $25,000 to $100,000 per ring intro and is said to have made $1,000,000 at one point.

“Here we go” since 40 years.

But who is the man, Michael Buffer? This article attempts to answer that question.

Buffer or Huber, the beginning, the man, the myth

Most people know him as Michael Buffer, but that wasn’t his birth name. During his childhood and youth, his name was Michael Huber, until a Bundeswehr officer noticed that his birth certificate said “Buffer”.

Buffer was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when his parents divorced when he was a child. That meant he was raised in a foster family. In 1965 he joined the army because of the Vietnam War. He left the military in 1967, after service, and the next 15 years of his life wasn’t something Hollywood would make a movie about: it was ordinary.

The moment that changed his life

Buffer once said that in an interview “I found that was pretty standard.” This was his aha moment watching a boxing match in the early 1980s that put things into perspective for him. He noted that the ring announcer kept killing the crowd’s excitement by fumbling with his words and making mistakes. He felt he could do better and quickly saw an opportunity.

He sent printed headshots to local casinos where boxing matches were scheduled to be held, introducing them to his unique skills, but most ignored him. The Playboy Hotel & Casino, based in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was the only one who answered him, and the rest is history.

He began to gain a reputation as an energetic, exciting and entertaining personality in the world and soon gained worldwide fame and recognition by traveling the world to utter those famous five words.

He didn’t make $400 million just by saying these 5 words

Buffer finally met his half-brother, Bruce Buffer, in 1989, and the couple went on to become one of the most legendary star/manager combinations in history. Bruce helped Michael Buffer trademark his famous quote soon after they began working together in the mid-’90s.

Halfway through, game maker Buffer also paid $100 million to make the iconic phrase permanent, and it’s now used in songs, video games, movies, and more. The great thing about the deal is that he can still use the printout for other customers and get paid without jeopardizing his agreement with Midway.

Bruce has also become a famous ring announcer himself, referencing over 200 UFC events and saying his own words, “It’s time!”, but Michael Buffer is still the better-known Buffer.

At 77, he’s still physically fit, wiry and tall, but there’s still a lot of struggles left in him and his story is a reminder to everyone and everyone that it’s never too late to take that step and change your career. He’s also suffered a lot of rejections, but that hasn’t deterred him. He was almost 40 before he started his career and is still going strong at almost 80.


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