Man and woman arrested after €740,000 worth of cocaine seized at Dublin airport

A man and woman have been remanded in custody after customs officers intercepted a €740,000 case of cocaine at the airport.

The Ublin District Court heard that some of the drugs were in liquid form in shampoo bottles.

Gardai arrested Jefferson Pedrucci, 32, of Carrigmore Glen, Saggart, Dublin, and Pamela Da Silva, 28, who has no fixed address, after their flight landed at Dublin Airport on Thursday evening.

They appeared before Judge Dermot Simms on Saturday.

They were accused of unlawfully possessing and importing cocaine and having it for sale or supply.

Ms. Da Silva has an additional charge for carrying false immigration documents.

The defendants heard the proceedings with the help of an interpreter.

Garda Peter Morrison told Judge Simms that Ms Da Silva gave multiple answers when she was charged at Ballymun Station.

The court heard her tell Garda Morrison, “Those drugs weren’t mine.”

Another response was, “No, because the drugs weren’t mine, I don’t know anything about them. The only thing I do is escort in Brazil; I would be an escort here if I wanted to, but that would do.” not be my intention”.

In response to the allegations of fake identities, she said: “They provided me with false documents to show the immigration officer.

She was granted legal aid, and her attorney, John O’Doherty, told Judge Simms that no request for bail had been made at the time.

Judge Simms remanded her to appear again Friday.

Garda Ross Brierley told the court that her co-defendant, Mr Pedrucci, failed to respond to the charges.

Garda Brierley refused bail due to flight risk fears, adding Mr Pedrucci could face up to 14 years in prison.

He allegedly traveled from Sao Paolo via Lisbon with a female companion and landed at Terminal One shortly after 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The woman was stopped by immigration officials because she had a non-EU passport. The defendant, who was traveling with an EU passport, walked on and waited.

Customs officials X-rayed their suitcases with 8.5 kilos of cocaine worth 600,000 euros.

There were also two two-kilo shampoo bottles, which were “cocaine in liquid form” worth 140,000 euros.

Garda Brierley said the man was caught in the act.

Questioned by defense attorney Michael French, he said the drug’s weight and value were estimates by customs officials from “presumptive testing.”

He agreed it has not yet been tested by Forensic Science Ireland, which carries out drug analysis for the criminal justice system.

The Garda confirmed that Mr Pedrucci denied knowing the contents of suitcases which he claimed were given to him by people in Brazil.

He also claimed the shampoo bottles were for a friend’s wife, a hairdresser in Ireland.

Mr French said his client has lived in Ireland since 2015 and is now offering an address in Saggart.

The lawyer said the man, who may not face trial until 2025, is eager to get bail and will appear in court.

However, Judge Simms ruled that the objections were well made and declined to grant Mr Pedrucci bail. He was remanded in custody to appear again on Friday.

Directions must be obtained from the DPP.

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