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Leonid Kurawlew has been in Kommunarka since January 6, where he was brought from a private nursing home with viral pneumonia. It was previously reported that the 85-year-old actor lived at the Idyll for six months and left it of his own free will. But there were versions of what sent his own daughter to the artist’s boarding house. And the contract with the center was signed by the son Vasily.

“The allegations are unfair. It is not clear why Katya was attacked. The decision to send my father to a rehabilitation center was a joint decision we made within the family, including my father. It was the only way out in this situation. Leonid Vyacheslavovich was tired of lying at home. He even had trouble walking around the apartment. He needed someone’s help to go outside,” Vasily quotes Kuravlev as saying “TVNZ”.

Also heir to the Eminent actor confirmed the words of the institution’s specialists, who previously reported that Laura was called to his father to carry out the necessary procedures.

“His condition stabilized in the hospital. There is a positive trend. But doctors aren’t risking transferring him to a normal ward just yet. There should be some additional tests that make this possible. I’m not a doctor, but as I understand it, some indicators are a little missing. Everyone hopes that positive news will appear next week,” Vasily emphasized.

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