Chronology of BRILink employees shot dead by robbers, perpetrators came to bank three times pretending to take money

Police are investigating the scene of a robbery that killed a BRILink employee in Add Subur village, Way Bungur district, East Lampung. (Source:

LAMPUNG TIMUR, KOMPAS.TV –East Lampung Police Chief AKBP Zaky A Nasution revealed the chronology of the shooting that happened to a BRILink employee named Leli Agustin, 20, yesterday (21/01/2022).

Zaky explained that the robbery that killed the victim began when the perpetrator visited the BRILink branch three times pretending to withdraw money.

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“The incident was that the perpetrator pretended to take money from BRILink until it came three times,” AKBP Zaky said in his quoted statement Between, Saturday (01/22/2022).

When he first came to the BRILink office, Zaky said the perpetrator initially pretended to take Rs 100 million worth of money. However, the attempt failed.

Because, he said, BRILink employees said if they wanted to withdraw up to Rp. 100 million they would have to make an appointment with the bank in advance.

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Because it failed, the perpetrator left the BRILink office.

An hour later, however, the perpetrator returned.

This time he pretended to take 60 million rupees worth of money.

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