XCOM 2’s Artistic Director aims to usher in the golden age of turn-based tactics games

Greg Foertsch, who was artistic director of the quite successful XCOM 2 that year, wants to bring Canaan into the genre with his own studio.

ONE Bit-Reaktor Foertsch’s new studio, where he has been a co-founder from the very beginning. Previously he worked for Firaxis; in addition to the XCOM just mentioned, we can also get to know this studio through the Civilization series. The new team will develop turn-based tactical games. Foertsch isn’t optimistic about the genre: He says the game industry has almost left this style behind in recent years.

Fortsch to gaming industryHe said that in the new generation of technology, each game genre is trying new concepts, and from this it can be seen that they have slipped through tactical games divided into circles and therefore there is considerable space for their innovative development. He added that they have quite a team-oriented culture and that a talented, experienced and determined development team has already been assembled.

Foertsch promised rich storytelling, immersive performance, and hard-hitting game mechanics because he believes the genre will finally have time to shine, which is why he believes in a golden age for turn-based games. They’re doing something, but it’s not yet fully announced (they don’t even give details), but Foertsch says they plan to take a somewhat mainstream approach.

There are several ways to tell a story (or provide information to a player) without having to spit a ton of text into the player’s image. That’s what Foertsch is aiming for, and that’s what he wants to bring to the genre with Bit Reactor, blurring the line between an action game and a strategy game. He sees the genre of strategy games as plastic. On the surface, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Gears Tactics look different, but share the same DNA in both.

He thinks if you have a good story and you dive into the lead, you can find a way to make a great game, and not just a strategy game. good luck to him

Those: PCGamer


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