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MEET: Foreign Minister Antony Blinken (left) and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Friday.

Following Friday’s meeting between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, Lavrov says Russia has no plans to attack Ukraine. – The discussion was useful, says Blinken.


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The two foreign ministers will each hold a press conference on Friday afternoon.

It comes after the two met again to discuss Ukraine and Russia’s demands on the US and the NATO defense alliance.

Among other things, Russia is demanding that the US presence near Russia be sharply reduced and that they receive guarantees from NATO that Ukraine will never be admitted into the alliance.

According to Lavrov, Blinken said during the meeting that he was satisfied with the talks and promised that the United States would provide a written response to Russia’s demands within the next week.

– We concluded with an agreement that next week we will receive written answers to all our proposals, Lavrov said.

Blinken confirmed this during his press conference.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a press conference after meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Lavrov did the same.

Russia is concerned about weapons and the sending of Western military experts to Ukraine, Lavrov said during his press conference. He also cracked down on NATO.

“NATO is now working against Russia,” he said.

NATO has refused to meet Russia’s demands. According to experts, the principle of the alliance applies that countries must be allowed to choose military alliances themselves too strong for the alliance to compromise on.

Russia: No invasion plans

The Russian foreign minister also claimed that Russia has no plans to attack Ukraine.

– Me repeated that Russia has never threatened the Ukrainian people, Lavrov said during the press conference.

Nevertheless, Russia has moved what might look like an invasion force of around 100,000 soldiers near the border to the neighboring country. Also, they notified you Military exercise in Belarus together with Belarusian armed forces in February.

READY: Russian tanks and artillery are ready at Elnya near the Ukrainian border.

US President Joe Biden said Wednesday he believes Russia will invade the country. At the same time, he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the consequences of a possible invasion, including severe economic sanctions.

The day after Russia responded with condemnation to the statements. The Kremlin then claimed that Biden’s comments had further destabilized the situation.

Blinking: Believes in further conversation

During Blinken’s press conference, he stated that the discussion with Lavrov was “sincere”.

He also said:

– I think we can continue work on developing understanding, but it depends on whether Russia will end its aggression against Ukraine.

MINISTERIAL MEETING: Friday’s discussion was useful, according to Blinken. It was said to have been little affected by controversy, but had a more matter-of-fact tone, according to Blinken.

He also stated that the two foreign ministers had agreed that the diplomatic process would continue.

– Today’s discussion was helpful – both sides now have a better understanding of each other’s position.

At the same time, Blinken made it clear that there is no room for fulfillment of some of Russia’s demands.

– There is no room for negotiations when it comes to the possibility of Ukraine choosing an alliance, Blinken also said.

He also said that they would not discuss anything about NATO or the EU and that talks about Russia’s demands for them would not take place without NATO or EU representatives.

Repeated the warning to Russia

President Biden has warned Russia of military consequences if it invades Ukraine. On Wednesday, he said that Russia would suffer significant losses in the short, longer and longer term if it invaded the country.

Blinken repeated the warning on Friday.

– We were clear. If any Russian troops cross the border into Ukraine, it will be a new invasion. It will be met with a swift, massive, and unified response from the United States and our partners and allies, Blinken said.

LEAVING THE MEETING: Blinking as he left Friday’s meeting with Lavrov in Geneva, Switzerland.

So far, Biden and Putin have held phone calls during the conflict, but according to Blinken, the United States is now open to a physical meeting between the two presidents.

– Should a meeting between the two Presidents prove necessary, we are ready for it.

Opportunities for a new meeting in February

Both Lavrov and Blinken made it clear before the meeting that the parties were unlikely to reach agreement in this round, which was the result.

– These are difficult issues we are facing and they will not be resolved quickly. I don’t expect that we will solve them in Geneva, the US Secretary of State said.

Upon arriving at the meeting, Lavrov also responded whether he was intimidated by Ukraine.

“We are not afraid of anyone, not even the United States,” Lavrov replied, according to Reuters.

According to Russia’s state-run news agency Ria Novosti, after Friday’s meeting, there are possibilities for a new ministerial-level meeting between the United States and Russia in February. That’s what security circles say to the news agency.

Blinken confirmed at the press conference that they plan to meet again after the United States provided Russia with a written response.

– Then we’ll see, said Blinken.

Friday earlier Russia said the security guarantees it is demanding from NATO include requiring NATO forces to leave Romania and Bulgaria, Reuters reported.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry now calls Russia’s demands “unacceptable,” writes the AFP news agency.

  • See Lavrov’s and Blinken’s press conferences below:


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