VIDEO. “I felt like he was possessed by demons,” says Amuna Davis after living with actor Imants Strad for a few days – Archyde

Schauspieler Imants Strads

“Four in a Suitcase” new season in which a favorite actress and film actress travels to Portugal on a trip Evija Skulte and the funny actor of the Valmiera Theater Imants StradsThey were joined by the show’s previous season’s winners – the radiant drag queen and makeup master Mr Davis jeb Dāvis Ķimenis and relationship specialist Anna Lieckalniņa.

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Schauspieler Imants Strads

According to the published insight into the first season of the show, which will reach 360TV viewers on Saturday night, the quartet had a lot of fun – the passengers, settled in an apartment where the toilet is on the balcony, gave money for the Transport out, that will not be used and seems to be late.


During the trip, Evija Skulte was able to admire a harmonious roommate in the person of Anna Lieckalniņa, whose sleep was not disturbed even in the same bed with a roommate and under one blanket!

“But it’s okay, we didn’t fight for the ceiling at all,” laughs Anna.

At the same time, Dāvis did a little less. In Portugal, he shared a room with actress Imanta Strad, who turns out to be a big “collector”.


“Imants sneaks up to avoid falling! In fact, he started snoring so much I felt like he was possessed by demons – he was breathing like that and snorting…. I fall asleep all the time and he starts snoring, I get scared… ”- Dāvis recalls, admitting that he couldn’t stand the snoring and went to sleep in the living room.

Meanwhile, the “collector” Imants Strads laughs that people often collect? “He left, I wouldn’t have seen him go out there if he did?” – The actor jokes.

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