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From Mumbai to Pune, here in India we see world-class horse racing at our six racetracks, and fans can’t get enough of what’s becoming one of the country’s most popular sports. Events were held here as early as 1777 India West reported The first race was held in Madras, now known as Chennai.

But while we look back on over 200 years of history, many other places around the world can claim to be even more historic. In the United States, the earliest recorded races predated those on our shores by over a century, and the horses in the races were considered Thoroughbreds, much like in England.

With such a rich heritage, horse racing has grown into an industry in its own right worldwide, which some estimates suggest is worth billions. The greatest races are sporting events watched by millions at home, the countries that host them can almost come to a standstill, and the winning horses and jockeys become household names. So let’s quickly move on to some of these famous events and compile our list of the most prestigious races of 2022 so you can mark your diary and not miss a moment.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby has been held in the USA since May 1875 and is still held in the same month as it was 147 years ago. This year it’s taking place on May 7th and the thousands who line the route are regular fans, but plenty of sports stars and A-list celebrities also attend the course. The Derby winner takes home a staggering $1.86 million (£138 million) in the roughly two-minute race; Secretariat set the fastest time in 1973, winning in 1 minute 59 seconds. However, last year’s winner Medina Spirit came very close, with its end time of 2 minutes 1 second.

Royal Ascot

The five-day event is one of the most anticipated events on the sporting calendar. This year it will take place from 14th to 18th June on the course west of London, England and this year it will be celebrating its 254th anniversary. One of the most famous names associated with Royal Ascot is Frankie Dettori, the Italian-born jockey who made headlines in 1996 by winning all seven races of the event. Now, over 25 years later, he’s still the man to beat, as evidenced by his three consecutive victories in the meeting’s main race, the Gold Cup, in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Dettori’s ride from those back-to-back victories, Stradivarius, it’s already one of the absolute favorites with Coral for Royal Ascot 2022 and the record-breaking jockey is widely expected to be back in the saddle. However, he will meet stiff opposition from last year’s winners, Subjectivist, as he seeks to bring his name back to the forefront of British racing.

Price of the Arc de Triomphe

This gathering is France’s most prestigious horse race, taking place in the first week of October, and it’s the richest race in Europe with a purse of €5 million (£421.5 million) attracting some of the world’s wealthiest owners. The race takes place at the Longchamp racetrack in Paris and this year people will be wondering if they will be in for another shock like the one in 2021. It was one of the biggest upsets in racing history Rank outsider Torquater Tasso stormed to victory in the 100th edition of the race, becoming the second horse from Germany to win Europe’s most prestigious race, beating favorite Tarnawa into second place.

Horse racing is a sport that brings people together and, thanks to television broadcasting, can be enjoyed all year round. We hope you enjoyed our anticipation of some of the best races in the world and enjoy cheering on your favourites.

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