Snapchat Introduces New Emoji Polls, Bitmoji Reactions, and More

Snapchat is updating its app with new tweaks to personalize the in-app experience and make it more fun and engaging.

Snapchat announced that in its latest update for the app, it’s introducing some new teaks and features to improve engagement with poll stickers, custom chat responses in group discussions, Bitmoji reactions, and better live chats.

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First, as part of the announcement, Snapchat is introducing Poll Stickers that have become available for use on Snaps and Stories with emojis.

This allows users to explore a new way of interacting with their audience and asking questions in a fun and easy way. Survey stickers are available in the app’s sticker drawer for both iOS and Android “so all your friends can get involved and share their thoughts.”

The company adds that polls are conducted on Snap “were developed with transparency in mind” Also “You can see how your friends have voted to ensure the answers remain thoughtful and friendly.”

Additionally, Snapchat is now adding the option to create a separate group chat directly from an individual message reply. To access the new option, users simply press and hold on a message in a chat, then tap ‘Reply’ option that pops up.

Snapchat is also expanding its Reactions offering to include Bitmoji characters, expanding the way users express their personality and convey emotions. The platform provides seven Bitmoji for use in chat threads.

Finally, Snapchat has updated the user interface for its video and audio calling feature. Live calling is even more fun with the update, with easier access to new lenses for video calls. Additionally, the platform is adding the ability for users to preview who will join a group call before they join.

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